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First Aid in Gaelic Grammar 1 (Mondays)

This course is suitable for post-beginner (post-A1) Gaelic Learners and Fluent Speakers alike

  • Starts May 27
  • 200 British pounds
  • Via Zoom

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Service Description

This course is suitable for post-beginner (post-A1) Gaelic learners with gaps in their understanding, or fluent Gaelic speakers. We will address the building blocks of Gaelic language systematically using simple and straightforward structures - as well as building on your speaking and listening skills because it’s always good to work on those! We meet once a week for 50 minutes for 8 weeks, and there will be a weekly cribsheet and worksheet for homework and marking. Lesson Plan: 1. Learning and Using the Gaelic Phonic Alphabet systematically to enable consistent and accurate pronunciation and listening/dictionary checking. This is a potted lesson for intermediate learners. If you feel the need for in-depth support for pronunciation, there is also an 8 week short course ‘Scottish Gaelic Phonics’ which runs 4 times a year. 2. How and When to use ‘Is / ‘S’ (the Copula Verb ‘To be’ ), ‘Tha’ (the Demonstrative Verb), and 'An e?/A bheil?' (their dependent forms). VSO Word order is addressed in this lesson. 3. Using determiners, in particular the demonstrative pronouns: Seo, Sin, Siud and to a lesser extent the possessive determiners (mo, do etc) in conjunction with fhìn and fhèin. Proximity, place, and time are addressed using these everyday terms. We will also model how to use seo, sin and siud when reading picture books with children even if you have only a little Gaelic. 4. Using Gendered Nouns and their Adjectives in simple sentences, taking in the different Forms of the Plural Noun and its Adjectives. We will share some rules of thumb for spotting the gender of nouns in task-based learning. We will practise using non-gendered forms to address and introduce friends. 5. Predicative and Attributive adjectives and how to spot them. In Gaelic we have to rely on structural rules and clues to help us identify these adjectives. 6. Introducing ‘The’ (the definite article) in its various forms for gendered nouns in the nominative case, to enable accurate use. 7. Finally, we get to Verbs! In this class we will learn about the Root forms of Verbs and about using Verbal Nouns within simple sentence forms in the present tense. 8. We will look at the past, present and future tense using now familiar forms and vocabulary from earlier in this course. We will touch on the Irregular Past Tense use of verbs as it is so widely used and so useful. First Aid for Gaelic Grammar 2 will follow in October 2024 Get in touch here:

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To reschedule please contact us at least 5 days in advance of your appointment. If you are unable to do so, we cannot guarantee that the appointment will be rescheduled and you will have to cancel and re-book another time. Your original fee is non-refundable once this deadline has passed.

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