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Scottish Gaelic for Beginners (A1)

This course is now open for bookings 


Our twice weekly Zoom classes will help you to learn to read, write, speak and listen to Scottish Gaelic with confidence, or to return to using Gaelic if your skills are rusty. We assume no prior knowledge of the language at the outset.

From February 2022, Zoom classes for A1 Absolute Beginners will run twice weekly for a 9 week term, with a reading week/break between weeks 4 and 5. Your tutor will be on hand to offer informal support for revision or just a chat via zoom drop-in at the regular times during your reading week.

The twice-weekly 90 minute classes will have no more than 16 learners per group, ensuring that your experience is enriched through personalised tutor engagement.

During that time we will take you through Gaelic phonics for effective pronunciation; basic language structure and parts of speech in the present tense; and, a number of useful topics to allow you to ask and answer simple questions through Gaelic as part of everyday conversation. We will introduce the past and future tense in the second half of the course and formally introduce you to cases.

You will receive a zoom link and joining instructions via email once you have booked your place and payment has been confirmed. A detailed course outline will be delivered in advance of your first session.

This course will run with a minimum of 8 learners and a maximum of 16.  

Gaelic for Beginners (A1)


Twice weekly for 9 weeks


1st Feb to 7th Apr 2022


Course Fees to be paid online in advance: £150

This course will run with a minimum of 8 Learners and a maximum of 16.


Zoom links and joining instructions will be emailed to you once payment is confirmed. 


It is your own responsibility to ensure adequate connectivity and to turn up equipped to participate through listening, speaking, reading and writing during sessions.

Course Descriptor

  • Each week's learning is structured around a key language step.

  • 90 minute long Class 1 introduces the week's concept with many supporting examples across the skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking.

  • 90 minute long Class 2, later in the week, focuses on deepening your understanding of the week's language step through more language practice within interesting and relevant cultural contexts. Additional learning may be introduced to build on your understanding.

  • We include opportunities for conversation practice to consolidate your learning, and to give you the chance to use your skills.

  • From time to time, during the course, shorter 1 + 1 individual sessions will be available to help with any sticking points and to ensure that you are being well cared for as a learner and beginning/returning Gael.

  • Recorded versions of the lessons will be available to help you to review your learning and to let you catch up with any missed classes.

  • Dedicated Quizlet sets will help you to revise through app based games, listening exercises and self-assessment quizzes.

  •  Weekly worksheets can be completed in your own time (should you wish), and feedback will be given for any personalised work that you submit to our shared drive.

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