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If you want to get back to speaking Gaelic with your family or friends but you have lost confidence, or you just find yourself stuck for the right words - or any words - then this group is for you.


You’ll get the chance to practise your speaking and listening skills regularly with other returners in a very supportive and non-critical environment.

We know there is real anxiety and self-doubt in trying to speak Gaelic in front of others when you can only remember parts of phrases or a few words, or none.


Rest assured though, things do fall back into place with regular practice. The system for speaking Gaelic is simple enough once you know a few rules of thumb and you have  some familiar phrases to fall back on.


That is what we provide week by week. You can try things out and ask all the questions you want without worrying about being criticised. 


Gaelic for the Terrified Returner

Speaking and Listening Group for Lapsed Speakers of Gaelic
How we work:

Because we all switch between English and Gaelic in our speaking, we’ll mix it up at first to scaffold you towards using your Gaelic confidently, and to give people a chance to get to know each other’s strengths and challenges. 

Your tutor will lead group speaking and listening. This will be scripted bilingually with topics like meal-times, bedtimes, chat at the school-gate, chat on the street, going to the shops, weddings, funerals, and so on. We can add topics if you have your own ideas on what would help you along.


This practice will help you to gain confidence as we take you through questions and answers for our everyday situations and some rescue phrases to get you out of a corner too.


There will be regular time-outs for casual chat with other returners in smaller breakout rooms - just to decompress and have a relaxed chat, ideally through Gaelic.


Every week we’ll share a good web resource or app that you can use on your phone when you’re stuck for words, would like something to listen to in your earphones, or, if you just want to practise on your own.

By the end of the 8 weeks we’ll be using straightforward Gaelic the whole time and ideally you will have started using Gaelic with at least one trusted fluent speaker outside the group.  


Gaelic for Terrified Returners

This group runs weekly


Friday evenings


7pm BST


February 4th to March 21st 2022


Course Fees paid online in advance: £50





You will receive a zoom link and joining instructions via email once you have booked your place and it has been confirmed.

Audio and Prompt Sheets will be sent out every weekend before we meet.

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