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Cothrom Còmhraidh 2: B1 + Intermediate
Semi-structured Conversation Circle

If you are certain that you can sustain a straightforward conversation with other learners of Level B1+, then this guided conversation circle will suit you.

We cover a new cultural theme each week through the medium of straightforward Gaelic, guided by an experienced native-speaker teacher, registered with the GTCS, and born and raised in the Outer Hebrides.

Prompt sheets with relevant vocabulary, phrases, audio files and useful links are sent out each week well ahead of meet-up.

It's a great way to socialise and to build up your own network of intermediate learner friends, and to enhance your speaking and listening skills.

You can check your levels here: Learn Gaelic 

Cothrom Còmhraidh 2:

   Semi-structured Conversation Circle

for B1+ Learners

This course runs weekly




July 1st to 19th August  2021


       UK (BST)          9 pm - 9.45 pm 

       US Pacific       1pm- 1.45 pm

        EDT                     5 pm - 5.45 pm


Course Fees are payable online in advance:

£50 for 8 weeks


You will receive a zoom link via email once you have booked your place.

Topical prompt and vocabulary sheets will be emailed well in advance of meetups every week.

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