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Cothrom Còmhraidh:  for A1 + Learners

Semi-structured Online Conversation Circle

If you can already sustain a short, simple conversation in Gaelic with other learners or with a sympathetic fluent speaker, and would like the opportunity to practise your speaking and listening skills regularly in a supported setting then this is the course for you.

Each week a theme or topic will be introduced, with a  'prompts and vocabulary sheet' sent to you in advance, to help you along.


The first fifteen minutes of each session can be bilingually delivered to assist recent beginners, while the remainder of the session is undertaken through simple conversational level Gaelic.  By the end of the 8 weeks, the sessions will be delivered entirely through simple conversational Gaelic.

Your tutor-host will lead group conversations to help you to gain confidence as a speaker and there will be opportunities for relaxed Gaelic conversation with other learners in smaller breakout rooms.

Tutor-host support is provided as needed but our emphasis is upon developing supported and then independent conversation skills rather than undertaking in-depth language analysis.

You can assess your reading, speaking and listening levels using the CLAG Scale, to be found on the LearnGaelic website.

This course will run with a minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 20.


Cothrom Còmhraidh 1:

   Semi-structured Conversation Circle

for A1+ Learners

This course runs weekly




17th Nov to 22nd Dec 2021


UK (GMT)          8pm - 8.45 pm 

US Pacific        1pm- 1.45 pm

EDT                     4pm - 4.45 pm


Course Fees are payable online in advance:

£50 for 6 weeks


You will receive a zoom link via email once you have booked your place.

Topical prompt and vocabulary sheets will be emailed in advance of meetups every week.

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